Raising Your Spirits

Aura Clearing with Tuning Forks & Drums

June 03, 2022 Susanne Shields and Tony Gyenis Season 2 Episode 164
Raising Your Spirits
Aura Clearing with Tuning Forks & Drums
Raising Your Spirits
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Show Notes

In this podcast Tony Gyenis sets up a visual work through audio to help you clear your aura which contains many heavy thoughts and patterns that keep poking you.  This is a must listen and if you know anyone that is feeling depressed, PTSD, high anxiety or feeling down send them this link to them to listen to it for at least 21 days to start feeling more relaxed and in a happier place.

Visualize that you have a carpet paddle and gently tap the energies that are bothering you such as guilt, fear, anger, depression, the feel of not being enough, etc. to slowly move them away from your body within your aura. Use the sounds of the drums to tap these energies away with love. We have included tuning forks and sounds of ocean waves to help clear these energies to make them softer on your body.

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Please do not operate heavy machinery, drive, ride, or do activity while the podcast is on as it will alter your state in a more meditative state of receiving. This is not a background soundtrack while you are doing housework, reading, or any other activity.

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