Raising Your Spirits

Meditation - The Imagination Frequency - 15 min

November 23, 2022 Susanne Shields and Tony Gyenis Season 2 Episode 172
Raising Your Spirits
Meditation - The Imagination Frequency - 15 min
Raising Your Spirits
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Show Notes

In this meditation podcast Tony Gyenis incorporated The Imagination Frequency so it would be easier for you to receive.  Tony has used tuning forks embedded into the music to create a harmonious flow of sound to enhance your connect to spirit. This will increase your ability to imagine and new possibilities can occur. Maintaining a strong imagination is vital.

After the podcast is completed you can watch the video version if you wish to get a visual on the sounds you heard during the podcast:
Video Link: Calming version: The Imagination Frequency Calm Clouds 14 min - YouTube 

Video Link: High Energy Version: The Imagination Frequency Meditation High Energy - YouTube

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Please do not operate heavy machinery, drive, ride, or do activity while the podcast is on as it will alter your state in a more meditative state of receiving. This is not a background soundtrack while you are doing housework, reading, or any other activity.

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