Raising Your Spirits

Let's Play

February 25, 2023 Susanne Shields and Tony Gyenis Season 3 Episode 182
Raising Your Spirits
Let's Play
Raising Your Spirits
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Show Notes

In this podcast Tony Gyenis talks about the importance of playing to bring in a new level of creativity. Tony explains that you can't transform without introducing something outside of your perpetual daily thinking. There are many examples to demonstrate the difference in energy with the 2 words we hear all the time in our language. One is open and free and the other is confining.

If you would like to listen to the Let's Play or Inner Child meditation only here it is: SACRAL Chakra Meditation - Bring Your Childhood Photo (buzzsprout.com)

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Please do not operate heavy machinery, drive, ride, or do activity while the podcast is on as it will alter your state in a more meditative state of receiving. This is not a background soundtrack while you are doing housework, reading, or any other activity.

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