Raising Your Spirits

The Leader in YOU

April 24, 2023 Susanne Shields and Tony Gyenis Season 3 Episode 186
Raising Your Spirits
The Leader in YOU
Raising Your Spirits
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Show Notes

This podcast was designed to help you summon the animal leadership energies you have within. Often times when the only thing we have get through a hardship is to be strong and let the wild animal out of us. Even if you are not a leader in your eyes spirit has some insight on how you find it. 

The energy and frequencies of the Sun, 528 Hz and the Pineal Gland to help receive messages at a higher clarity has been added.  Specific tuning forks frequencies including the 432 Hz. Purple fire frequency was added to blend together and create a healing for you on several levels. 

The meditation portion is exactly 888 seconds long which is the vibration of strength and abundance and called the "Sun Meditation".  Listen to this at least a couple of times as it is jammed packed with techniques and ideas that will ultimately help you find the leader in you.

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Please do not operate heavy machinery, drive, ride, or do activity while the podcast is on as it will alter your state in a more meditative state of receiving. This is not a background soundtrack while you are doing housework, reading, or any other activity.

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